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M & M  Arabian Enterprises

M&M Arabian Enterprises started in 1976 in Oklahoma and moved to Texas in 1986 when Patti started to work for Eckerd Drug Company.  Patti was raised in Paducah, Kentucky and began riding horses at age 4.  Riding at Kentucky Lake State Park, she was riding the hills in a few years after starting on ponies that went in a circle. Her greatest hope was to have a horse of her own, but her father, a physician, thought she would never be happy taking care of a horse or living on a farm.  When she finally graduated from college and could afford the horses, she bought 5, and moved them to Lindsey, Oklahoma.  She was looking for a palomino, which was always her love, found one, Rafella, who was half Quarter Horse and half Arabian, and with her, a half Morgan mare, Krishka and two half thoroughbred fillies and a gelding.  We immediately brought the two mares to Burleson, where Marie Lett bred them to her stallion, Frenchie.  Marie had a Fadi daughter on her ranch for sale, Heritage Cherie, with her yearling colt and a colt by her side that we purchased.  Thus Patti had acquired her first purebred Arabians and Marie Lett became her mentor and close personal friend.  Resurrection, Cherie's colt by her side, passed away at 30 years of age in 2006.  Cherie’s last descendent, My Khorazon, passed away in 2008 at 18 years old.  We still have her pinto daughter, Strikeapoze at the farm.

Ernie and Patti got married in 1992, and Ernie married the farm and horses as well.  He has never actively participated in the showing or riding of the horses but does most of the maintenance on the farm.  Ernie retired a few years ago when we hired a full-time farm manager, Rogelio Arellano.  Rogelio trains and starts our riding horses and does the ground work with all the foals as well as care and foaling of the mares.  Rogelio has worked for us part time for most of the last 15 years but now lives and works at the farm.  Rogelio has been a great help to us over the years.

Patti has shown extensively over the years, with numerous Class A wins in Halter and English Pleasure.  In 1997, she decided to buy a straight Egyptian stallion to breed to her domestic mares for more type. Thus she purchased MB Scatman, a 2 yr old stallion at the time, who was enrolled in the Canadian and US Futurity for 1998. Patti thought she had a horse good enough to be a national contender.   Marie Lett agreed and contacted Kim Potts Morgan to see if she would be willing to show the young stallion which resulted in MB Scatman going to Venture Farms to be trained and shown by Kim.  This started a new beginning for Patti and M&M Arabian Enterprises, moving into the Regional and National levels, with Scatman going Top Ten at the 1998 Canadian Nationals and Top 15 at the US Nationals as a futurity Colt.  Scatman also had numerous Top 5’s at the Egyptian Event in Open and Amateur classes.   MB Scatman ultimately went to train with Travis Braden for Western Pleasure and was shown five times in Class A shows, being Champion three times and Reserve Champion twice.  

Subsequently, we purchased a number of straight Egyptian mares who have added type to the herd on the farm.  In 2005, M&M Arabian Enterprises took their first horse to the Regionals, a black Scatman daughter, MM City Girl, who won a Top 5.  In 2007, we had a Top 5 in Yearling colts with Scatman’s grandson, MM Mischief Man.  At her first Regionals in 2009, Patti showed her 2 year old filly, MM La Bonita, winning Region IX Champion Mare AOTH out of a field of 16 mares.  MM La Bonita is out of one of our farm's straight Egyptian mares, HM Shatala.   In 2010, MM La Preciosa, a granddaughter of Scatman, won Region IX Reserve Champion Yearling filly with Kim Morgan, and in 2011, she was Top 10 Canadian 2 year old filly.  In 2011, at Patti’s first US show, she & Bonita showed to TOP 10 at the US Nationals, as well as Bonita going Top 10 Canadian Futurity Mare and Top 15 at the US Nationals with Kim Morgan.

Trainers, Kim & Jim Morgan and Kathy & Travis Braden, have all become friends as well as helpers with the M&M Arabian Enterprises venture with our Arabian horses.  We appreciate the friendships we have garnered over the years, as well as all the people and horses that have touched our lives.  We have sold horses internationally to Mexico.  We have also produced a number of black and pinto foals and have numerous regional and national wins.

We are now trying to reduce the size of our herd and would like to place some of our good horses with the right people because we just do not have time to bring them to their full potential.  All of our prices are negotiable and we do offer terms to the right homes. 


MM La Bonita & MM Zhivago and HM Shatala & MM Kids Shazam  

White Diamond, Questionable Kid and La Luna
enjoying a summer day as inquisitive yearlings.

We foal out our mares each Spring with the utmost care and attention. 

Resulting in babies that grow up to be Champions...

with friendly dispositions...

and playful attitudes...with lots of curiosity.

Our Stallion is known for his unique interaction with people...

Travis Braden and Scatman exchange training opinions.

Other members of the MM Arabian Enterprise Family include
Jenny and her 2012 baby, Shrek.

Jenny & Shrek 

Rogelio & Shrek

Some of our pet Turkeys and our rooster Hairy

Best place to spend a hot Texas summer afternoon,

Frances in her private spa!

And our newest family addition,
two Great Dane pups

Manchas  &  Pantera

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